about me

i am a sinner saved by the grace of God and the blood of Jesus Christ.  blissfully married for 17 years to a wonderful God-fearing wife (Proverbs 31:30).  trying my best to be a godly father (to two teenaged boys) and loving husband.  striving to grow in holiness and enter in at the strait and narrow gate.  advisor to  youth fellowship.  occasional speaking engagements at Filipino & Thai services, NBCs, Sunday School & fellowship groups.  chair worship services. deacon in life bible-presbyterian church, singapore. 

what am i doing now: having quitted a 20-year career in real estate, i’m answering God’s call to consecrate myself to Him. am pursuing a 3-year Master of Divinity program at Geneva Reformed Seminary (www.grsonline.org), Greenville, South Carolina, USA. 

favourite authors: JC Ryle, Richard Baxter, John Macarthur, Martyn Lloyd Jones, Joseph Alleine, RC Sproul, Charles H Spurgeon.

favourite sermons (sermonaudio.com) by: Colin Mercer(Mourne FPC), David McClelland (Grace FPC), Alan Cairns & Michael Barrett (Faith FPC), William Harding, John Macarthur, David Allen.   

favourite choral groups: sms men’s choir; the wilds.

favourite classical composer: Chopin.

favourite musical instruments: piano, violin, cello. (although i cannot play any of these, i love their evocative tones and lyrical emotions they evoke)



  1. Hi Hock Chin

    Are you the Hock Chin from Beatty Primary School? I am Yoke Leng, do you remember me?


    • Hi Yoke Leng,

      Yes, I was from Beatty Pri.
      Your name sounds really familiar, but i just cannot recall how you look.

      Glad to hear from you. Tell me more about what you have been doing.

  2. Brother,

    Greetings, I was wandering through the web taking a break from Leviticus when I found my name in your blog.
    How is your finger doing? Probably a little stiff but functioning well I hope.

    Soli Deo Gloria,

    Lian Arn

    • Thank you Doctor,

      I am very well indeed. My finger does most functions well, that i don’t even realise there is anything wrong with it. Thanks for the skillful surgery and taking good care of me.

      Thanks for dropping by my blog. God is good and has been most gracious to me. How is your walk with the Lord? I trust you are well going through Leviticus, not an easy book.

      in Christ,

  3. haha, how do i look like then? small size, shoulder length hair, hmm… i think we were classmate from primary 3-6.

    i am doing well, with 2 tennager kids.

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